On “The Limits of Friendship” – Pre-writing 2

Respond in lengthy paragraphs to each of the following prompts. Use the They Say/I Say structures from “Entering the Conversation” to incorporate key concepts and brief quotations from Konnikova in your responses. Be sure to use signal phrases and parenthetical citations (referencing paragraph numbers) whenever you quote or paraphrase another writer’s words.

Also, imagine what Konnikova might say in response to one of your points and incorporate that into at least one of your responses, using phrases like “Konnikova might agree that ________” or “Konnikova would counter that _______” to signal that you’re speculating about her response.

  1. Does the Dunbar number remain relevant in the digital age?
  2. How do technologies such as email, social media sites, and mobile phones enable us to sustain relationships?
  3. What is lost and gained when we use technology to do so?
  4. How does your own experience confirm or complicate Konnikova’s argument?

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