On “What Is It About 20-Somethings?” – Pre-writing 1

Activities like this one are designed to help you improve your understanding of the readings and generate ideas to write about in your formal papers.

This activity contributes directly to your Writing Process grade (10%) and your Active Reading grade (10%) and indirectly to your paper grade (9%), but you can also demonstrate MLA citation skills, control of Sentence-level Error skills, and Integrating Your Ideas with Those of Other Writers skills.

Respond in lengthy paragraphs to each of the following prompts. With the exception of question 4, use the They Say/I Say structures you’ve learned to incorporate key concepts and brief quotations from Henig in your responses. 

  1. What is emerging adulthood?
    • Henig defines and develops the concept in multiple locations in the essay. You’ll need to pull materials together from different parts of the essay to answer this question well. Be sure to attribute ideas to the people they belong to, not just to Henig. You will likely need to name Jeffrey Jensen Arnett and other psychologists in your answer.
  2. What are the key milestones that indicate someone has reached adulthood? Use these to develop your own definition of adulthood.
  3. How have cultural and economic changes in society shaped the lives of emerging adults? What might be the economic impact of recognizing emerging adulthood as a life-stage that needs to be accommodated by society?
  4. What do you expect your life will be like in your twenties?