On “The Flight from Conversation” – Pre-writing 1

Respond in lengthy paragraphs to the prompts below. Be sure to use what you’ve learned about integrating your ideas with those of others in your responses.

Remember, pre-writing not only deepens your understanding of the reading, it generates ideas, words, and connections that contribute to your formal paper.

  1. Turkle insists that she’s “not anti-technology;” she’s “pro-conversation” (25). Summarize Turkle’s argument about how the presence of phones in social, work, or classroom setting impacts the kinds of conversations people have in those settings. Then, explain what she thinks people lose when they don’t have the kinds of conversations she values.
  2. Describe your own use of phones in social, work, and/or classroom settings. Explain how your experiences and the experiences of people you know confirm or complicate Turkle’s claims.
  3. How do the college students Turkle interviews feel about the “weird little pressure” they experience to check their phones frequently (31)? In what ways does you own experience confirm or complicate Turkle’s view?


  • Use the fundamental They Say/I Say structure in your paragraphs
  • Insert a naysayer into at least one response.
  • Incorporate voice markers in your paragraphs.