On “The Flight from Conversation” – Pre-writing 2

Use Barclay’s Formula to compose lengthy paragraphs in response to the following prompts. Minimum word count per response: 250 words.

  1. Sherry Turkle examines the impact of phones on our relationships with one another. Revisit “The Limits of Friendship.” How does Konnikova both confirm and complicate Turkle’s views on relationships in the digital age?
  2. Explain what Turkle fears about the flight from conversation in terms of the human development of emerging adults. What role does “conversation” play in our ability to act as adults in social, work or classroom settings? Include ideas from Henig’s work on adulthood and emerging adulthood in your response.


  • Use Barclay’s Formula to structure your paragraphs.
  • Include the So What? and Who Cares? moves in both responses.
  • Use voice markers, pivot words, and signal verbs.